The Cast Of: The Rockford Files Then and Now

Step into the 1970’s with the award-winning series The Rockford Files. With guns, cars, men in suits and a whole heap of crimes waiting to be solved – it’s easy to figure out why the NBC show went down such a treat. 

1. James Garner as Jim Rockford

Image Credit: Watchesinmovies
Image Credit: Watchesinmovies

Back in the day circa 1970’s, suited and booted with a gun in his pocket you’d find Jim Rockford cruising the streets in now classic cars many men would drool over. If it helps you relive your childhood, or younger, dreams, you can still relive the Rockford days as Jim floats around on the TV thanks to the fact the show is continuously in syndication!

Well Jim – where is he now? Alive? Still acting?