Selena Gomez Starts Crying Mid Performance, Then Says THESE Heartbreaking Words

Famous pop star Selena Gomez got really emotional as she paid a touching tribute to late singer Christina Grimmie, at her Miami concert on Saturday night.

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Selena broke down in tears as she performed her famous hit song “Nobody” but quickly pulled herself together and talked about her friend Christina, who was murdered last Friday by a deranged fan.

“When she was 14, we met her and my parents and I signed her. One thing about Christina and her family is that she holds her faith so closely to her. And I think it’s not about a religion it’s not about anything or good deeds. It’s just that she had faith, and I don’t really understand how this really happened, but I would like to dedicate this next song to her,” the quivering singer said.

She then dedicated ‘Transfiguration’ from Hillsong Worship in honor of her memory. Selena Gomez wasn’t the only singer who paid a live tribute to the talented singer. Singer Charlie Puth dedicated an emotional performance of ‘See You Again’ to the singer, but not before spending a few minutes to talk about her.

“I was reading the news last night and heard that my good friend Christina Grimmie was killed, and I want to dedicate this song to her tonight,” Puth told the. “I’ve been upset about this all day, mainly because I just never got to say what I wanted to say to her, and I feel like this song perfectly captures that.”

Grimmie started her career back in 2006 as a promising young YouTube star and made a name for herself in the sixth season of The Voice. After finishing third in the competition that season, she went on to work on new material. The career of the talented signer was really taking off and in 2015 she released her first EP. She was shot and killed by 27-year-old fan Kevin James Loibl on June 10 while she was singing autographs after opening up for band Before You Exit just hours before.

Her brother Marcus managed to tackle the gunman, who then turned the gun on himself during the scuffle. James’ true motives for committing the senseless murder are unclear at this point, but recent information has come to light that may indicate that he may have had a history of aggressive and violent behaviour, with police being called to his house on a couple of occasions in the last few years alone.

Christina’s family, friends and fans held a candlelight vigil in honor of her memory. She was one of the most talented young singers out there, and her fans will always remember her beautiful voice, excellent live performances and her incredible personality.