Daniel Radcliffe Went Around New York City With His Swiss Army Man Corpse!

Daniel Radcliffe, or as he’s known worldwide, Harry Potter, rode on top of a New York City double-decker tour bus next to a really creepy replica of himself, promoting his new film Swiss Army Man.

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A24’s ingenious promotional campaign, aptly named ‘Many About Town’ sparked some buzz yesterday, with many waiting in line to take a picture with the actor and his lifeless twin. The tour will last a couple of more weeks and will include Washington D.C., Chicago, Denver and many more cities. Swiss Army Man tells the story of Hank, played by the talented Paul Dano, a hopeless men lost on a deserted island who forms a friendship with a corpse that washes ashore, played by Radcliffe, as they embark on a surreal journey home.

The press release for the movie calls the film “A celebration of all the wonders cinema has to offer, a cultural phenomenon in the making, a surreal and wholly original examination of human vulnerability and connection that must be experienced!” Swiss Army Man premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, and will hit theatres on June 24 with a limited release. The film will be available nationwide from July 1.

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While Radcliffe says the film will most certainly divide opinions, one thing is for sure according to the Harry Potter star, and that is that the movie has an incredible score. The music was written by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of the Manchester Orchestra. “Some people obviously will be like, ‘What the Hell is this?’ But, for every person thinking that, there will be two people who are like, ‘Man, I’ve been waiting years for a movie like this!’”

“The soundtrack and the songwriting from the band, Andy and Rob from the band Manchester Orchestra. Obviously, I’m totally biased but I really think that when people hear the ‘Montage’ song that we sing in the movie, I don’t feel that there’s going to be a better original song all year than the one those guys wrote.” “It’s entirely to the directors and the to lead actors’ credit that what sounds like a bunch of overextended body humor gags of the most juvenile variety evolve, by sheer repetitious attrition, into something bizarrely poetic and strangely touching,” says Hollywood Reporter movie critic Leslie Felperin.

Other critics were less generous with their reviews, with many slamming its juvenile tone and lack of character development. Many also say that despite being a risky film, with immature humor, it’s also a unique project that certainly deserves a look. Radcliffe might be right when he says that the movie might not be for everyone. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet and every movie trailer for every movie ever is just a click away. Give it a watch and see if it’s something you might like.