This Is What The Cast Of Seinfeld Looks Like Now

The cliche is to describe Seinfeld as a show about simply, nothing. However – we all know that comment is oh so far from the truth as Seinfeld is considered to be the greatest sitcom ever made. Fact.

With a host of iconic characters that have changed dramatically over the years, come check out their crazy transformations over the decades!

1. Then – Jerry Seinfeld as Himself

Jerry Seinfeld

Insert Jerry Seinfeld, as Jerry Seinfeld. When the show launched in 1989 Jerry interestingly played a fictional version of himself, a moderately famous New York stand-up comedian who is the most sane of his group of friends. Although realistically, he was still neurotic and an absolute neat-freak which made for hilarious viewing.

SHOW US! Where is Jerry now?!