Azealia Banks Isn’t Going To Give Up – Says Beyonce Is A ‘Poacher’. OMG.

“She takes food out of darker skinned women’s mouths & pretends to be inspired.” – Azealia Banks

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Beyonce’s newest album release Lemonade has been praised by listeners all across the world as an artistic creation that incorporates some of humanities biggest social issues into it’s transparent lyrics. Yet the Queen B is having a hard time convincing one of her fellow African American artists, Azealia Banks, that her work is worthwhile, not that she’s actively trying mind you.

Azealia Banks began her stance against Beyonce’s Lemonade shortly after it’s release on twitter. She goes so far as to claim Lemonade as exactly the opposite of pushing black feminism forward by saying its the, “Antithesis of what feminism is…” Azealia refuses to drop the matter as well as she recently has responded to several fan’s tweets standing against the album.

Azealia insists Beyonce is merely using Black Feminism as a way to give her lyrics a deeper meaning than what they truly hold. She also seems completely adamant that Queen B’s work isn’t even her own. She’s made several statements on social media hinting that she believes much of Beyonce’s work was stolen or created by people other than herself.


She has even gone so far as to call Beyonce a poacher instead of an artist and makes claims such as, “Don’t think for a second that beyonce was intelligent enough to come up with any of those ideas on her own,” in response to a fans tweet who calls her work an inspiration to the arts everywhere. Banks might just be getting a bout of jealousy over the attention Beyonce has recently been given however.

The controversial rapper has always been outspoken about her beliefs and quite active on social media yet it’s uncommon, even for her, to remain so focused on putting down any one piece quite like she has tried to openly demean Lemonade. Banks most recent work was several weeks back when she released her mixtape Slay Z. Yet her work hasn’t received anywhere near the amount of attention and spotlight Beyonce’s is and it might in fact be a sore spot for the artist.

Despite critics everywhere supporting Lemonade in the message it’s trying to send about black feminism and Queen B’s torrent of outpouring emotions as she speaks to the infidelity she’s dealt with during her relationship with Jay-Z, Banks just doesn’t seem to be getting on board with the work of Beyonce anytime soon.